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Animal Documentation (RABBITS ONLY)
  • Please remember to have your Rabbit(s) fully vaccinated for myxomatosis and RHD/VHD v1 & v2 before arranging your rabbits stay. (OLD) This means 2 injections per year. 
    Nobivac Vaccine covers - Myxo and RVHDv1
    Filavac Vaccine Covers RVHDv1 & RVHDv2 or the (NEW) NOBIVAC -RHD PLUS. 1 injection ALSO annual. 
    Rabbits that are not vaccinated will be refused. (Please email a copy of your vaccination form when you book and bring the vaccination forms with you at arrival). 
    We require a 14-21 days time span between the last injection date and date of arrival, if this is a First time injection of either.

  • "Boosters" need to be given within 7 days of the expiry date to be counted as a "booster". If more than a week is lapsed we have to count it as a first time injection. (This is on advice from the vaccine manufacturers.) 

    What can you bring and not bring

  • Bring your pets in a clean, secure, plastic carrier (NO CARDBOARD BOXES)
  • Food in a small zip lock bag or small plastic container (nothing large)
  • Some toys and or treats.
  • A blanket or stuffie your rabbit is used to
  • Veggies that will go to waste while you are away.

  • Toilets
  • Bowls, or bottles 
  • Bedding unless agreed with HIH
  • Hay unless agreed with HIH
  • Massive bags or boxes of food. We do not have the space to house massive bags or boxes of food. Just a small amount for the time we have them is fine. 

    More in depth see below or our terms and conditions

Animal Supplies
  • Please bring enough of your pets usual food (Pellets), (grit for birds, substrate & pellets for small animals) for the duration of their stay. Please do not bring full unopened or opened half used bags. Just a small bag or sealable tub will be fine.
  • Please bring some toys and/or a blanket that smells of home.
  • Any medication - enough for the duration of your rabbit(s) stay - with dosage information.
    Please do not bring any bowls, bottles or toilets, unless prior agreed with HIH (old or arthritic bunnies can use our disability low sided toilets, Please make us aware of this on booking) due to all our supplies being fully disinfected it this increases out bio-security.
Important Information
  • Please advise of any on going medication, and bring it with you, any specialist needs and/or any other important info that I will need to know.​ (a medication disclosure and approval form will need to be signed upon arrival.)
  • Make sure you have an emergency contact in the UK should there be any problems. 
  • Identification tags, tattoo or microchip (featuring a contact number or a link to contact details on a registration list – make sure this information is current!)
  • Please read fully the Terms and Conditions and make sure you are happy with them.
Financial Requirements
  •  See T+C's. Any veterinary costs will need to be fully reimbursed upon collection of your Pet(s).

    Please bring them in an appropriate pet carrier for their travel time.
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