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Hop-It's Healthy Treat Boxes​

Too many supermarkets and leading pet stores sell "treats" marketed to rabbit owners that are actually very unhealthy to bunnies. Be it corn and seeds, or sugar / dairy filled biscuits or youghurt drops. 

Hop-It Holidays stock Nature First leaf and flower mixes that are both healthy for rabbits and guinea pigs, but also offer digestive and health benfits as well as adding interest to hay and forage if mixed with hay and can even help to increase hay comsumption in those rabbits that may not eat as much hay as they should.

£12 per box of 5 random packs of the above (this works out to £3 per bag)

1 Box includes 5 randomly selected bag from the above mixes. 

We also sell individual bags for 3.00 which is cheaper than most stores. You can collect bags or boxes from Hop-It Holidays to remove delivery costs; pick a box up when you come to Hop-It Holidays for your collection or delivery of your bunny/guinea pig when they stay with us. 

We can also order in other items for discounted prices. Please browse Happy Pets small animal store page HERE and contact us at Hop-It Holidays

We are not offering treats at this time
Ribwort Plantian nibbles

  • Why Ribwort Plantain?

  • Ribwort Plantain has many properties which help in the support of the digestive system.  The anti-inflammatory properties help protect and aid the stomach and intestines, whilst the purifying, relieving and regenerating properties help prevent diarrhea and other infections.

Sunflower and chamomile flower mix
  • Why Sunflower?

  • Sunflower petals contain a number of vitamins that will help diversify a small animal's diet and are especially beneficial to the skin.

  • Why Chamomile?

  • Chamomile is well known to help reduce stress and anxiety in animals, especially in very stressful situations.  The ability of the flower being able to relax tense muscles means it can also help facilitate digestion.  Additionally Chamomile also shows anti-inflammatory properties and can help in the treatment of bacterial infections.

Rose Petal and Marigold Flower mix
  • Why Rose?

  • Dried rose petals provide a wealth of mineral elements and add a colourful and fragrant addition to hay and herbs.

  • Why Marigold?

  • Marigold has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is commonly used for strengthening the immune system.

Raspberry and Major Plantain leaf

Why Raspberry Leaf?

Raspberry Leaves are known to provide strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and relax tight muscles which help in supporting the immune system.

Why Major Plantain?

Major, or Broad-leaf Plantain, provides expectorant, anti-inflammatory and protective properties and helps to alleviate irritations and inflammatory skin conditions.

Blackberry and Dandelion Leaf
  • Why Blackberry?


  • Why Dandelion?

  • Dandelion helps to reduce the quantity of fluids in animals as well as lowering blood pressure and blood-sugar levels.  Rich in magnesium dandelion is also helpful in treating urine infections and aids the functioning of the liver.

Hop-It Holidays Leaf Mixes

We stock leaf mixes that are great for treats, mixing in with hays to help encourage eating of hay and daily mix with pellets to encourage good diet. We also make our own dried forage from local plants. 


  • Dandelion & Blackberry

  • Nettle & Birch

  • Ribwort Plantain

  • Raspberry & Ribwort

  • Apple and Pear Slices

  • Rose Petal & Marigold

  • Sunflower & Chamomile

  • Single Packs £3

  • 5 Multipack £12

Hop-It Holidays Individual Forage bags (prices are available upon request)

  • Ribwort

  • Dandelion

  • Blackberry and raspberry leaves

  • Cleavers (Goose Grass)

  • Rose Petals and Leaves

  • Marigold petals and Sunflower / Chamomile petals

  • Crab Apple leaves and Branches

  • Corriander

  • Basil

  • Nettle leaves

  • Birch leaves

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