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Rabbit Food & Toys

At Hop-It Holidays we try to provide a full service for your rabbits this includes:

  • Diet and Accommodation advice

  • Health and Fitness advice

  • Grooming and Claw Clipping

But we also make and sell our own products

  • Grass Covered Tunnels in 3 sizes

  • Grass Pellets (25% Crude Fibre)

  • Timothy Hay

  • Meadow Hay

  • Readi Grass

  • Timothy Hay Bricks

  • Hop-It Holidays forage treat bags

  • Magnetic Fly screen for hutches and house windows (made to order)

If you would like any info on these products please give us a call

Bring your own cage.

Feel free to bring your small animal in their usual cage/ palace/ tunnel run. we are happy to house your furry creature(s) in their usual habitat with all the smells, food and toys they are used to.


This means they are under less stress, in a cage they know and are less likely to have problems acclimatising to the new surroundings, sights, sounds and smells.


We have large cages here should your usual habitat for your pet be too unwieldy to transport. Just let us know this upon inquiry as we will sort one out with all the space they need. * you will need to bring their daily items, food, bedding and toys etc


We will refresh bedding as needed and supply our own bedding should the amount you bring run out. This applies to wood shavings and hay/straw. if you use another type of bedding please let us know.

Grass Pellets

We have our own Grass Only pellets that are 25% fibre and grain free. 

These are available to buy in kg. Pellets should only make up to 5% of a rabbits daily diet.

  • 1kg - £3

  • 2kg  - 36

  • 5kg - £13

  • 10kg - £25

Ingredients: Grass, Vitamin Powder

Timothy and Meadow Hay

Timothy Hay is the essential part of a bunnies diet and should make up to 85% of their diet and they should have access to hay at all times.

Meadow Hay we class as Bedding/ Toilet Hay and is usually cheaper and less fibrous than Timothy Hay which we class as Feeding hay

  • Meadow Hay Prices​ £2 per Kg

  • Timothy Hay £2.50 per Kg

Grass Coated Play Tunnels

We make cardboard tunnels that are coated in Readigrass and Herbs/ forage leaves. These can be re-coated for a small fee. They come in 4 sizes. XL is 8" best for Bunnies the large is best for Guinea pigs the Small and medium are for treats and eating.

  • Small £2

  • Medium £4

  • Large £5

  • X - Large £6

  • Recoating £4

Timothy Hay Bricks

Timothy Hay bricks are compressed Timothy hay along with forage mixes

Happy Hedgerow - Hawthorn, Cleavers, Rose hip
Messy Meadow - Nettles, Red Clover, Dandelion

​We usually only stock the Hedgerow as this seems to be a favorite but we can get the meadow in. We can get other specific bricks in for elderly rabbits available upon request.

  • Hay Bricks £5 per brick

Forage Leaf Mixes

We stock leaf mixes that are great for treats, mixing in with hays to help encourage eating of hay and daily mix with pellets to encourage good diet. We also make our own dried forage from local plants. 


  • Dandelion & Blackberry

  • Nettle & Birch

  • Ribwort Plantain

  • Raspberry & Ribwort

  • Rose Petal & Marigold

  • Sunflower & Chamomile

  • Single Packs £3

  • 5 Multipack £12

Hop-It Holidays  Individual Forage (prices are available upon request)

  • Ribwort

  • Dandelion

  • Cleavers (Goose Grass)

  • Rose Petals and Leaves

  • Marigold petals/ Sunflower Petals

  • Raspberry and Blackberry leaves

  • Crab Apple leaves and Branches

  • Corriander

  • Basil

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Fly Screens

Made to order to your specification we make magnetic fly screens that can go out hutch doors and indoor house windows. 

Made from a plastic frame and fly netting it comes with the magnetic tape and ferrous tape so you can attach it to your window or hutch with the self adhesive tape and then just snap the frame off and on using the magnetic strips. We have found this way to be more effective that the self adhesive velco which usually just peels off and leaves a terribbly sticky mess behind.

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