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Rabbit Spa Weekends, Grooming and Bonding

It is hard to find a rabbit only groomer. Most people will take their rabbits to a vet to have their claw trimmed, or struggle alone with a rabbit that does not want its routine manicure done or its regular grooming, especially in the heavier moults in spring and autumn. They also have scent glands that they should clean themselves but for various reasons can't or wont do it).

Sometimes rabbits need a lot of grooming and sometimes owners need a break from the constant grooming and tidying. 

If you would like any info on these services please give us a call.

Spa Weekends

Our 2 night stay premium grooming service

This is a 2 person job


We offer a rabbit spa weekend service where your rabbits will enjoy:


  • 2 nights boarding either indoor or outdoors

  • Claw clipping

  • Grooming once/twice a day plus full fur trim if needed

  • Full matt removal

  • Scent gland cleaning

  • Butt bath if needed.

  • Health Assessments

Drop your rabbits off on the Friday and pick them back up on the Sunday

Price for Rabbits up to 2.5kgs is £35 Per pet
Price for Rabbits 2.5kg+is £50 Per pet

You will receive a after care plan if we have noticed anything that may need addressing once you collect your rabbits, be it weight management, mites, dandruff etc. 

Premium Service

Rabbits Grooming (Quick or Full)

We offer 2 levels of grooms for Rabbits. A quick groom and a full groom

    Quick Groom (Takes about 30 mins) 1-2 People depending on Weight of rabbits.
Pets of up to 2.5kg is £18 per pet
Pets over 2.5kg is £25 per pet

  • Full claw trimming

  • All over brush.

  • Matts removal

  • Scent gland cleaning

    Full Groom (Takes 45mins to an Hour) 2 people
    Pets of up to 2.5kg is £28 per pet
    Pets over 2.5kg is £35 per pet

  • Full Claw Clipping

  • All over brush

  • Fur Clipiing

  • Matt Removal

  • Scent gland cleaning

  • Butt bath if needed.

  • Health Assessments

Both are a while you wait service, or pop to the shops while we work

Guinea Pig Grooming

We offer a guinea pig bathing service

    Guinea Bath (Takes about 30 mins) 2 People

Pets of up to 2.5kg is £20 per pet

  • Shampoo and Rinse

  • All over brush.

  • Matts removal

  • Claw clipiing

  • Assessment of anything we find

This is a leave your pet for the day and collect when pet is dry we will text you when ready or by prearranged time to collect.

Appointment prices.jpg
Full price list



Bunnies are better in pairs, being social creatures they need each other for support, enrichment and overall health. If you have a single bunny and have bought or rescued another bunny and want to bond the two into a pair, this can be a brutal and upsetting procedure for owners depending on the two rabbits involved.


You would bring the bunnies here and we start the process slowly in small pens assessing the process and health of the bunnies and slowly expanding the pen to a full 6foot pen. Once we are happy all bonding processes have been exhausted usually chasing, mounting/ humping/ fighting and they have started to groom each oether and seem happy and comfortable together they can go home happily bonded.

  • Bonding Donation only​

We do not ask for payment as we never know how long it will take to complete the bonding: 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months or at all. So we only ask you pay what you want/ can at the end when you come to take them home. 

We are not offering bonding at this time
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