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Step by step guide for creating and account/ Booking.

Let's go step by step: 

Click the below link for the guide with screenshots.


1. After a business provides you with a way to access the Online Booker (i.e. links the booker to their website or Facebook page, or sends you the booking URL directly), the first step will be to enter your email address. 

Pro tip: Use an email address you will remember for your account. In Rev Pets, your email is your unique customer ID. If you try to login or register with multiple emails, this will create duplicate accounts for the business owner. 




2. Next, you will add your full name and create a password for your account. Then, agree to the business's terms and conditions before clicking "Continue." 




3.  Once you have created a password for your account, you will want to navigate to the My Account page. Please note: Some businesses will provide you with a URL that lands you directly on the My Account page, while other business may not. If you land on the booking page first, navigate to the upper righthand corner and click the "My Account" link.



4. Next, you will click the "My Account" tab on the lefthand side menu and complete your profile information, then click the "Save Details" in the bottom righthand corner. 





• Please note: Fields highlighted in RED are deemed "mandatory" by the business. These are important fields for the business, please complete all mandatory fields. If you do not update every mandatory field prior to saving your new account details, the information will not save, and you will have to start over. 




5. Now it's time to enter your pet(s) information. Navigate to the "My Pets" tab, and click the +Add a pet button.



6. Similar to what you just accomplished for your pet parent profile, you will fill in details for your pet(s) profile fields. Understandably, businesses may have a few more mandatory fields enabled for your pet(s) so they can provide them with the very best care. 

• Pro tip: Don't forget to add a cute photo of your pet so the business knows who to expect!




7. Add vaccine information. If you are creating a pet profile for a business that has enabled vaccine information as a mandatory field, you'll need to enter those details next. Please see below. 

• First, make sure "Vaccinated" is selected from the Vaccines dropdown. This will allow for the vaccine button to appear. 



• Click the "View Vaccines" button. 



• In the Vaccine pop-up window, you will begin to add your pet(s) vaccination details. First, tick the box next to the Vaccine Record you are updating, then upload your vaccine record in the add document field (the paper icon), and lastly update the expiry date field. 

Pro tip: Clicking just right of the calendar icon will allow you to easily input your expiry dates.


*Please note: Not all businesses require a document upload.


• Once all vaccines have been updated, click Save.


8. Congrats! You have successfully registered yourself and your pet(s) via the Online Booker! 

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