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Price List

Jan 2023

See below for long stays of more than 4 weeks

Rabbits and Small Animals
Outdoors - 


Premium Service

10' x 4' foot Shed and self contained run 
Beautifully decorated, insulated, illuminated with 24 hour access to a large fully contained run, along with our add on camera service. Your bunnies will have all the luxury of e50sq feet of play room, sunshine fresh air. The cameras allows you to login to see and HEAR them.
£15 per night for the first rabbit, £10 per night for each addition animal.
Massive e50sq feet of room. Permanent run access, shelf, step and lights for bunnies to enjoy the nights in their cottage. Solar lights in the pen and shed.
24 hours LIVE Camera Access 
Camera Access is FREE for all customers, though there are rules for camera use. Please see camera instruction page for details.

We can give camera access for this hutch upon request. Prices as above.
 6 x 3 hutch: with L shaped under run
£11 per night for the first rabbit, £10 per night for each addition animal.
Single massive 6 x 3 foot hutch
With ramp to permanent pen underneath. 45sq feet of space.
6 foot hutches: 6 x 2 hutch with 6 x 2.5 run
£10 per night for the first pet, £8 per night for each addition animal. We generally only use this hutch for Outdoor Guinea pigs.

Triple hutches split into three singles. (No ramp) Separate pens in the garden.
Fully covered along with a snuggle cover to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Click on the Request a Booking button to send a booking to us

Guinea Pigs ONLY


Rabbits and Small Animals
Indoors - 

Pen sizes.jpg
Upstairs Bunny Room & Kitchen Pens.
£10 per night for the first rabbit, £8 per night for each addition animal. We off the biggest pens you will ever find in a boarder house. 
Kitchen pens are 7' x 4' and 5'x 3' ish

Fully Air Conditioned Or Heated

There is camera access  (See indoor camera access) We have three indoor cameras, Bunny room and Kitchen cameras for you to login to see your pets on their holidays. 24 hr live view service.

We also have a google nest installed in the bunny room to play calming soothing sounds, radio for pets used to daily noise. It also helps drown out scary sounds e.g Fireworks/ Storms.

The Bunny room and Kitchen have air conditioning and heating depending on the season. 
Small Animal Own cages
£7 per animal, per night for very small animals brought in their own cages. This covers: Hamsters, Gerbils, mice and only. £6 for tortoises.

All other exotics will be £10 per animal per night. This includes birds of all sizes. Discount for animals sharing. (Rats, Degu, Chinchilla etc)

Camera access is available for small pets

Reptiles brought in their own vivariums:
Geckos, Bearded Dragons (as emergency bookings only as we don't really cater for reptiles)
Tony (1).JPG
2016 (276).jpg
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Bunnies (29).JPG
Long Stays (4 weeks or more)
Indoors Pens and Outdoor Hutches- Long stays are calculated at time of inquiry

Outdoor Cottages - Long stays are calculated at time of inquiry.

All Rabbits are required to have the NOBIVAC RHD PLUS vaccine. Bookings will be cancelled if proof of these vaccinations is not given well in advance of the arrival date requested. Please see T&C's for full details on vaccines, carriers and everything else.

How to Book with us.

Other Important things to know
All bookings under £75 are paid in full up front.

None Late 
bookings: (4 weeks or more to arrival date) require a 25% booking fee with a minimum of £50 to be paid in 24-48 hours from the time of confirmation email being sent.

Bookings that have had the 48 hours booking payment time lapse (if not otherwise agreed with HIH) will be cancelled as space is at a premium and we cannot hold spaces for those that do not pay the booking fee in time. 

Late bookings are those that are requested less that 4 weeks to the arrival date and need to be paid in full at time of booking. 

See our Terms and Conditions in full

Click on the Request a Booking button to send a booking to us

Day Appointments
We off a range of day appointments for grooming and routine care of Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. See price list here
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