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Boarding: Other Small Pets

Although we are predominately a rabbit boarding service we do, occasionally board other small mammals.

Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Rats, Mice etc. See price list for prices.

Should you wish you can bring your furry friends in their own cage or living space, we will happily allow them to remain in their usual habitat for the duration of their stay.  This helps with a less stressful environment and their smell helps them acclimatise to the new surroundings for a week or two. Please read the Boarding Terms and Conditions and Holiday Check List. We can also sit for your animal in your own home. Please see the Pet Sitting page and the Animal Sitting Terms & Conditions and Holiday Check lists.

This will be at the normal Sitting prices see the Sitting page for more details.


If you have any questions or special circumstances feel free to call or contact me via the contact us page.

Please read the Boarding page for a greater look at the facilities we have available.

Daily grooming and medication routines are included in the price. We also offer FREE live streaming daily of your pets. Links to the various feeds are posted on the camera instruction page.


Please remember the nights of your holiday may not be the same as the nights of your pets stay with us. Most owners drop off pets a couple of days before they depart, and pick them up after a good nights sleep in their own bed. This means that your pets stay with us will be slightly longer then your own holiday. So don't forget to add these extra nights when you call to arrange your pets holiday.

Using the Online booking software

Watch the video for a guide on how to book with us.

Bring your own cage.

Feel free to bring your small animal in their usual cage/ palace/ tunnel run. we are happy to house your furry creature(s) in their usual habitat with all the smells, food and toys they are used to.


This means they are under less stress, in a cage they know and are less likely to have problems acclimatising to the new surroundings, sights, sounds and smells.


We have large cages here should your usual habitat for your pet be too unwieldy to transport. Just let us know this upon inquiry as we will sort one out with all the space they need. * you will need to bring their daily items, food, bedding and toys etc


We will refresh bedding as needed and supply our own bedding should the amount you bring run out. This applies to wood shavings and hay/straw. if you use another type of bedding please let us know.

Don't forget food and toys.

When you bring your animals to us don't forget to check out the Holiday checklist. for all items your pet will need upon his stay. The main ones are below:


Food - Enough for their entire stay

Cage - If it is small enough to transport

Bedding - Enough for their stay

Documents - Vaccinations 

Medication - If they are on any and dosage information.

Toys - Wheels, Balls, Tunnels, Tubes, Boxes, Baths.  All other items your pet uses daily.


Please read the full check list and terms and conditions are these will still apply.


If your pet has any special needs; diet, bathing requirements etc, please state these upon confirmation so we can give them everything they need to be comfortable with us during their stay.

Exercise and play.

If your animal habitat comes with wheels/ runs etc that they can use, they will be able to use these to the same extent that they do at home. For those animals that do not have in cage wheels, and are more used to balls or larger runs or free range, Your animal will have 1-2 hours of exercise and play per day.


If your normal cage is too large to transport, but you can detach the exercise equipment from it, then please bring it with you and your pet. Our cages are large enough to attach your pets normal exercise wheels.


Depending on how used to handling they are, and their temperament, they will be handled daily for health checks and their habitats cleaned and refreshed.


If your little one is used to playing in the house in a large plastic ball to run freely, please bring it with you.

Hop-It Holidays reserves the right to contact the RSPCA, in any cases where, neglect, lack of care, abuse or mistreatment of animals is suspected or found.

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