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Boarding Terms

    For the protection of all our rabbit guests Hop-it Holidays requires that the owners provide proof of vaccination against Myxomatosis and RVHD (viral haemorrhagic disease variants 1 and 2) upon booking.

  • This requires the Nobivac Myxo Plus Vaccine to be fully covered. Also 14-21 days after their last vaccination and their arrival date with us.

  • Animals must be in good health before boarding at Hop-It Holidays or may be turned away.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions must be disclosed prior to boarding and will be taken into account, veterinary advice may be sought and you must provide this information on the profile form. A pre-existing condition/ Ongoing medication wavier will need to be signed for you to approve us to continue any treatments disclosed. 

  • Hop-It Holidays does not accept any pet that is showing signs of injury, pregnancy or disease. If your pet needs veterinary assistance whilst in our care we will inform you or your emergency contact immediately.

  • Hop-it Holidays does not accept liability of injury between bond-mates (bonded animals sharing the same pen or housing as confirmed with emails and pricing). Animals are checked daily and you will be contacted immediately in the event this happens and the animals separated and the injured animal taken to the vets (see below for terms on veterinary assistance).

  • We cannot be held responsible for fleas/mites as these can be present in hay and bedding supplies. We do our utmost to prevent any such problems.

  • Should your pet/s need veterinary attention we will transport them to your nominated vet (if in area) or my vets for treatment by taxi as I dont drive. All vet fees and taxi fees will be required in full upon collection of you animals (paid via credit card or bank transfer). Receipts will be obtained from Vet and taxi company. 

  • Sadly small animals/birds can pass away with very little warning and it can be very quick after showing signs of illness. In the unlikely event that this should happen in our care, Hop-it Holidays will contact you immediately to discuss your wishes.

  • Hop-it Holidays  does not accept liability in the unlikely event that this may happen.

  • Hop-it Holidays will take no responsibility of any pet pregnancy as all our animals are kept separate unless otherwise stated by you that they are bonded.

  • Carriers are kept here to use to transport guests to the vets in an situation, where a vet visit is required. - Please see below about carrier policies.

    Booking Fees
    All bookings under £75
    are to be paid in full at the point of booking request. 

  • None late bookings. (4 weeks or more to arrival date).
    Booking Fees are to be paid within 48 hours of the booking request being accepted and us sending the email confirmation with the booking reference. 

  • Upon receiving a request and accepting the booking, as long as its more than 4 weeks to the arrival date; we will ask for a 25%* non-refundable/ transferable Booking fee to secure the booking. Details on the confirmation email.

  • If we do not receive the booking fee within 24/ 48 hours of the booking request being accepted, we will assume you do not wish to have the booking.

  • You may lose your pets placement at Hop-It Holidays if the booking fee is not received in time.

  • The outstanding amount to be paid up to 1 week before the arrival date. See Outstanding Balances below.

  • The 15+ night discount is not applied to bookings with arrival dates with in 1st July - 1st September or 1st Dec-1st Jan

    Late Bookings (4 weeks to requested arrival date)

  • If your booking request is sent 4 weeks or less before your arrival date the FULL AMOUNT is required within 24 hours of the confirmation email confirmation being sent. Check your spam folder!

    Outstanding Balances

  • Outstanding balances can be paid at any time up to 1 week before the arrival date. 1 week being the latest you can pay the outstanding balance. 7 day reminders are sent.

  • You will get 1 email to chase if the balance is not paid by the 7 days deadline, and then the booking WILL be cancelled if no payment is received we will send you the final invoice for the full amount owed. (see cancellation policy)

      Cancellations and fees/ non payment fees

  • Booking Fees are non-refundable or transferable.

  • The Outstanding Balance is refundable if:

    • you have paid it more than 21 days before the arrival date AND

    • you have let us know of the cancellation more than 21 Days before your requested arrival date.

  • If you cancel your pets holiday 21 days or less before the arrival date the outstanding balance is required in full and an invoice will be sent,  any payments already made are non refundable as we cannot fill the space you were assigned. 

  • Please make sure your holiday insurance will cover the cost of Pet Holidays if the need arises.

  • ARRIVAL & COLLECTION - Please see Corona Virus T&C's for Collections 2020

  • Arrival and Collection time slots are 15-30 mins only. If you fail to show up within this arranged time slot you will have to arrange another time slot when one is available. A text will be sent to you to arrange a new time slot. The 30 mins time slot is stated on all correspondence.
    Late Arrival and Collections. We will start to chase you via communications options on you customer profile if you are late and no prior notification has been sent.
    Please notify us if you are behind/ stuck in traffic/ generally running late as we have a other appointments/
    commitments and/or scheduled owner arrivals.

  • If your pet is already boarding with us and you wish to collect your pet earlier than what is stated on booking form, you are still liable for the full amount.

  • If you do not collect your pet/s on the agreed day then you will be charged for any extra nights at the current rate.

  • Unlike dog and cat kennels, small animal boarding does not require a licence or have the same rules and regulations. All animals are left at their owners risk.

  • All pet owners must accept that accident, injury, illness, death, theft, public liability and all other insurances for the pet owner and their animal, whilst visiting and boarding with us, are the responsibility of the pet owner and that Hop-it Holidays are released of any and all such liabilities.

    Please bring your pets in an appropriate pet carrier, lined with clean newspaper and straw/hay for their travel time.
    If you bring your pet in something that is not a clean, lined, secure and appropriate sized carrier one will be purchased per animal from Pets at Home and you will be charged upon departure for each carrier purchased. COMPULSORY!!

    Unacceptable carriers:

  • Carrier bags, bags for life

  • Cardboard boxes- any size any pets. This included guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, rabbits etc

  • Dog crates or dog cages

  • Storage boxes

  • Military crates

  • Cages (any size). For those bringing their own cage, you still need to bring the animal separately in a carrier. I can't take your cage to the vets if it needs to see a vet.

    Correct Linings - due to injury, its best to line your carrier for transport.

  • Newspaper and Hay/ Straw

  • Puppy pads

  • Towels

    This is not a complete list. 

    Carriers are kept here, so if in an emergency, we can take your pet to the vets. We cannot do this if you do not bring a proper carrier which is clean and secure. 

  • If your carrier is not clean and requires cleaning, as this undermines all our efforts to keep bio-security standards as high as possible and puts all guests and my own rabbits at risk you will be charged £5 for me to clean it. I will deem what is considered unclean to the point I need to clean it. This will be a compulsory charge upon arrival and added to your invoice to pay before you leave. 

    These are non negotiable terms. 


  • Do not install the app on a childs phone under any circumstances
    . DO NOT change any of the admin set settings on the app. Especially Sounds settings. If we see settings/ notifications being turned on / speakers turned on or speaker volume increased see the following;---There will be a £20 fine for the changing of any settings set on the app.---

  • If a siren is set off that camera will immediately be removed and disabled and cameras access withdrawn. no refunds on camera fees

  • The siren has to be intentianlly set off by confirming twice and changing the admin setting on speakers that we have set. It cannot go off by accident in anyway.

  • If a siren goes off we can see which doorbell camera it was and the owner of the rabbit in that cottage will be fined £1000 immediately plus £1000 for each pet in residence at Hop-It Holidays that dies or is injured due to the siren going off and any and all vet fees incurred because off.

  • Other
    Abandoned Guests - 48 hours after the collection date has lapsed if we have no contact from you via, txt, phone, email or Facebook messenger the guests will be considered as ABANDONED and will look to be re-homed. The date of collection counts as the first 24 hours

Bookings under £50 need to be paid in full on booking

Everybun needs proof of vaccines uploaded to their profile so you know all buns are covered and safe.

Click on the Request a Booking button to send a booking to us


Carriers need to be clean 
and secure to keep me safe.

opps need to cancel?!!, payment is still required in full.. if there is less than 21 days before arrival date.


Due to new FLiRT varriants spreading (April 2024) we will be putting in place the below protocols again

1. All drops off and collections will be door stop hand overs only.

2. Upon arrival / collection all owners will be asked to wear a face covering.
3. Please do NOT bring any children for arrival OR collection.  No one will be allowed on the property. 
a. Do not bring children (under 18's), if they need the toilet this will be denied.
b. Do bring a brolley! You will have to wait a few mins while we pack everything up and it might be raining.

4. If you have to make multiple trips taking animals and food/ belongings to the car, pets will be held in the hall so you can make multiple trips and take the pet carrier last.
5. Please do not bring anything other that your pets in a suitable carrier and food in an appropriate plastic, sealable tub. No accessories except that which has been previously agreed upon by Hop-It Holidays will be accepted. See Boarding Check list. 

We will have a door bell camera fitted so we will know who is at the front door and the bell push will be disinfected after ever press.


This all sound flipping post apocalyptic but I am immuno-compromised and If i come down with it Hop-It Holidays has to close temp or even permanently. No guests that we have at the time I get sick would not be able to leave due to you not being able to collect for a good 2 -3 weeks or longer and nor would guests be cared for to the usual standards as I would be physically unable to and husband would have to stay home too and possibly be unwell.

This is for everyone's safety and animals maximum comfort.

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