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Boarding: Rabbits

If you are thinking about boarding with us, here is a greater look at our facilities for your rabbit(s) or small animal and what we can offer for his/her stay. We take pets from all over the Midlands, so as long as your animal(s) is well and able to travel, we would love them stay with us.


We offer 50sq feet Cottage and Pen combo, 6 foot hutches outside and pens inside depending on vacancies or your preference. All accommodation are cleaned daily and thoroughly washed each week. All are checked for food / water throughout the day and given attention/ handling, depending on your pet's personality. Any animals with special requirements e.g - Medication, nervousness, signs of illness are treated as needed.


All pets boarded with us are checked twice a day either visually and/ or physically for any sign of problems. With ears, eyes, poos & wees and general demeanour the main focus, so any health problems are detected immediately should they arise.


We do have on occasion un-neutered males and un-spayed female residing with us at he same time. Please be assured all unaltered pets will be kept apart to prevent any unwanted pregnancies, fights, injuries or other problems.

Daily grooming and medication routines are included in the price


Using the Online Booker

Watch the video on how to use the booking software if you have problems.
Or click below for a full tutorial with sceenshots.

Rabbit Vaccines- Mandatory

All rabbits booked in with us are required to have both the Nobivac- Myxomatosis/ RVHDv1 vaccines and the Filavac - RVHDv2 Vaccine atleast 2 weeks prior to arriving at Hop-It Holidays. OR THE NEW NOBIIVAC-RHD+ 3 In ! Annual injection

Usually these two vaccines injections require 2 weeks apart so ideally have the Nobivac vaccine 4 weeks prior to arrival and the Filavac 2 weeks prior to arrival. We can get away with 3 and 1 week prior to arrival and some vets will do both vaccines at the same time as is now the latest thinking with these 3 vaccines (that it will not negatively affect your rabbit to have both injections in the same appointment). We will ask you to email a copy of your vaccination form on the date of booking to confirm what they have had. 
We will not take rabbits that have not have both injections at least 2 weeks prior to arrival date. Proof is mandatory.
All this is to protect everyone and reduce the chances of any bunny catching the virus or spreading it. We cannot have any of these viruses introduced into the house and garden and I will not put my own rabbits at risk let alone anyone elses. 

This injection does all 3 vaccines in one shot and needs to be done at least 14 days prior to arrival date for the first ever injection. Annual boosters as long as they are within a week of the last vaccines can be done a couple of days before. 

Please Note: Nobivac injection 4 weeks and then Filavac injection 2 weeks prior to arrival date at least.

Bio Security - RVHDv2

At Hop-It Holidays we ask all bunnies to be vaccinated against myxomatosis and RVHDv1. You may or may not be aware of a new virus RVHD variant 2 (RVHDv2) which has a vaccine and is now widely available. See above.

 All carriers, hutches and wooden toys will be sprayed with Fam30 livestock disinfectant solution and all bowls, bottles, litter trays will be soaked in a bath for 30 mins+. All fleeces, towels and other cloths will be washed at 90degrees with bleach in the washing machine (as we have always done).
We also ask that all owners if they wish to pet other bunnies wash their hands before and after and be aware that all the above is all we can do atm to protect all guest pets and my own rabbits.
The virus can be spread from dogs fur and paws and from children who may not have the best hygeine. There are no dogs or children at Hop-It Holidays so you can be assured that your rabbits will be at significantly reduced risk of catching this virus
All this is to protect everyone and reduce the chances of anybunny catching the virus or spreading it. 

We have 8,  6'x 4' sheds (Cottages) with a walk in 4' x 4' pen attached with 24 hour garden access. Roughly 50sq feet

Large sheds with a stable door and a ramp and second level. 
All have solar reflective paint on the roof to help keep them cooler in the summer and heat pads and boxes of straw for winter bedding.

Bonded pairs will be kept together.


Cardboard tubes are provided for play will be added to each suite. Toys and blankets you bring will also be added. Each cottage has a large hay feeder toiler combo and a huge 5.6ltr water drinker and tunnel.


Hutches 6' Outdoors

We have 2,  6ft x 2ft x 2ft single hutches and 1 massive 6 x 5 x 3 L shaped hutch and run combo

Some of the largest available on the market and a full cover to keep off the worst or the wet weather. With covers for shade.  bolted water available in the highest of the heat as well as a reflective under sheet to reduce heat further.

In contrast heat pads, extra towels and bedding offered in the cold winter months and the reflective under sheet to reflect heat back into the hutch in colder temps

Bonded pairs will be kept together.


Cardboard tubes are provided for play will be added to each suite.Toys and blankets your bring  will also be added.

Pen sizes.jpg
Pens and Cages
Pens - Indoor Buns



We offer pens and cages (if requested) indoors for those rabbits not used to outdoor living or when our outdoor hutches are full. Pens are as large as we can make them in the kitchen. Our cages are by far the largest I have found. 120cms in length again about 48" land only used if requested as we do not like using cages and prefer pens. 

Indoor pets will enjoy a greater amount of attention and inspection, just due to the fact they are in the kitchen or upstairs in our bunny room and I am in and out of there all the time. 

Pens are minimum 6ft x 2.5 feet with the biggest being 8 x 4 feet.


Boxes and cardboard tubes for play,  will be provided and can be taken home with you at the end of his/her stay. Toys or blankets you bring will also be added.

Grooming and Spa Weekends

Rabbits and Guinea pigs.

At Hop-It Holidays we offer a range of on the day and weekend grooming services. Click below for option and prices.

This includes
Claw clipping only appoitments
Guinea pig bathing and grooming

Rabbit grooming, trimming and assessing.
The Garden - Time for play (Rabbits & Guinea pigs Only)

When the weather permits the rabbits in cottages will have time in the garden, separate from other bunny guests. 

They will have 24/7 garden access to pens to give your bunnies the maximum time out of the cottage for play, frolicking and grazing.

The garden is enclosed with walls and fences to prevent escapes and is mostly grass to chew and play. Bunnies in hutches will have their own pens.

Fresh grass from the garden is also offered daily, along with what ever dandelions leaves and wild forage I have gathered.

As you can imagine there are some pests/ insects that be found in the garden. Rabbits are checked for any creepy crawlies daily, and we do have on hand a number of "spot-on" treatments to use should any be found.

As stated in the T&C's some insects can come from bought straw/hay/bedding, these cannot be helped but we will do our utmost to ensure this is limited.

We also have wormer on hand as well as other home treatments, for problems that do not require veterinary examination.

Live Stream
Indoors 24/7 camera service

We also offer FREE live streaming daily of your pets usually 12pm-dark or 24/7 via your own personal livestream service (details of login details given on arrival). Links to the various other feeds are posted on our facebook page or click the button below for today's stream. (the black screen can take a while for the stream to kick in, so please be patient.

We offer personal streams via the Hik Connect cameras viewed on android and I-devices.

** The Facebook Stream does not run everyday during off peak season **

See the Price List at the top of the page
Discounts are given for 15+ Nights

Click below to send a booking request.


Professional, insured carers to make sure your pet have a vacation as great as yours!

Hop-It Holidays reserves the right to contact the RSPCA, in any cases where, neglect, lack of care, abuse or mistreatment of animals is suspected or found.


We do not board CATS, DOGS OR FERRETS

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