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Due to safety risks we are no longer accepting these soft/ bag type carriers for bunnies boarding with us.
1. When travelling in a car your rabbit has no protection should you have to break hard or are in an accident.
2. We can not transport your rabbits safely should we need to take them to the vets while boarding with us.
3. Rabbits chew them and this makes them an escape risk. Imagine if they did this in your car while you were driving 
4. We can not store these in your rabbits boarding lodge as they will chew them and we cannot disinfectant them should they have urinated etc in them.
5. On checkout day we need to place your your rabbit in their carrier so they are ready for collection this could be for a minimum of 10 to 15mins and longer if you are running late.
We can not do this safely in a fabric carrier.

These type of carriers were never designed for rabbits they are for carrying small dogs or cats .
They are Handbags not pet carriers !

I’ve added the link to the pet carrier we use for our bunnies but you can get suitable hard plastic carriers from other retailers.
Please make sure you new pet carrier is big enough for your rabbits to move about and lay down when they are in it.

    Please bring your pets in an appropriate pet carrier, lined with clean newspaper and straw/hay for their travel time.
    If you bring your pet in something that is not a clean, lined, secure and appropriate sized carrier one will be purchased per animal from Pets at Home and you will be charged upon departure for each carrier purchased. COMPULSORY!!

    Unacceptable carriers:

  • Carrier bags, bags for life

  • Cardboard boxes- any size any pets. This included guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, rabbits etc

  • Dog crates or dog cages

  • Storage boxes

  • Military crates

  • Cages (any size). For those bringing their own cage, you still need to bring the animal separately in a carrier. I can't take your cage to the vets if it needs to see a vet.

    Correct Linings - due to injury, its best to line your carrier for transport.

  • Newspaper and Hay/ Straw

  • Puppy pads

  • Towels

    This is not a complete list. 

    Carriers are kept here, so if in an emergency, we can take your pet to the vets. We cannot do this if you do not bring a proper carrier which is clean and secure. 

  • If your carrier is not clean and requires cleaning, as this undermines all our efforts to keep bio-security standards as high as possible and puts all guests and my own rabbits at risk you will be charged £5 for me to clean it. I will deem what is considered unclean to the point I need to clean it. This will be a compulsory charge upon arrival and added to your invoice to pay before you leave. 

    These are non negotiable terms. 

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